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History of Lake Havasu City

A little history of Lake Havasu City

In the 1800's the Mohave Indians named the Lake Havasu their word for blue water.  Ha meaning water vasu meaning blue.

During World War II the Army Air Corps used this area as a testing site now known as Site Six.  They used the camp areas as barracks and the peninsula for recreation.

In 1963 Robert Mc Culloch purchased 3,500 acres in the peninsula area for under $75.00 an acre.  He had a dream of turning Lake Havasu into a retirement community.

The Lake Havasu Hotel was built, McCulloch International Airlines was started, real estate agents were hired and 40 white jeeps were purchased, all in anticipation of prospective buyers.  He purchased 11 airplanes and offered perspective buyers free flights to Lake Havasu.  As the city started to grow McCulloch started a chainsaw manufacturing plant to stimulate the economy.  He opened 3 factories with 400 employees.

When Mc Culloch discovered that the 130 year old London Bridge being sold via auction he thought it would be the perfect attraction for his growing city.
His bid of $2,460,000 was the winning bid.  It took 3 years to transport the bridge to Lake Havasu.


It was reconstructed brick by brick, all of the bricks were numbered when the bridge was taken apart in London.
The bridge was officially completed on October 10, 1971.  Since then Lake Havasu City has become quite a tourist attraction

Imagine driving through the desert and seeing a bridge being built to nowhere.  Just sitting there in the middle of the desert.

Lake Havasu City Yesterday
Lake Havasu City Today

Lake Havasu City is the perfect Resort and Recreation location and has grown from a population of 15,500 in 1975 to over 54,000 in 2008.

Today Lake Havasu City is known as the crown jewel of Arizona's West Coast.  Many people visit to take advantage of the lake during the summer and we also have our winter visitors from out of state who come here to get away from the cold winters. 

My husband and I moved here in 2002 and we absolutley love living here, we feel as though we're on vacation 24/7 even though I am working.

Living here is like living in Paradise with beautiful blue sky's during the day and a million star's in the sky at night.


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